Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Weekend in Budapest

I've been lucky enough to spend a weekend in the beautiful city of Budapest, so thought I'd attempt to write a travel post about my trip. This is my first time blogging so wish me luck!
One of the most beautiful things about Budapest has to be the stunning architecture, which was like nothing I've ever seen before. The city is full of  vibrant streets with intricate, detailed buildings and a lively, welcoming atmosphere. Churches and castles covered in entrancing gothic spirals and vibrant colourful roofs seemed to pop out of nowhere every few streets. Honestly, almost every main street I visited made me want to start sketching, and I haven't sketched in nearly a year!
The back streets of Pest are full of beautiful vintage and home shops, just waiting to be discovered! I love vintage shops and Budapest did not disappoint. Being on a student budget I managed not to go too wild, but honestly I could have bought everything I saw in most of the home ware shops we visited! I did however buy a lovely pink scarf and home made ring from one of the many markets we stumbled across, a pretty white top from a vintage shop and a sort of hanging metal wall plaque with a quote that seems to really fit the current state of my life!
I also managed to visit a market in what I think was down town Pest, which really seemed to capture the sense of culture and excitement I felt throughout the city, although this was slightly undermined by the Mcdonalds, Subway and Burger King about 300ft around the corner! The market itself reminded me of a cross between a British Christmas market (any Londoners think winter wonderland!) and a small town festival, with amazing live music playing, colour everywhere and cute homely stalls.  
Being a vegetarian I was slightly worried that I might struggle to find meat-free options in Hungarian restaurants, and whilst there wasn't an overwhelming amount of choice this definitely forced me to be more adventurous than I perhaps would have been if there had been had a veggie burger and chips on offer! Their cakes, pastries and coffees were nothing short of amazing!
Even their train stations were adorable.. Kings Cross station eat your heart out!
Thanks so much for reading (if anyone is!) Georgia xxx
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