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The Harry Potter Tag

So I wasn't actually tagged in this and I haven't read it on anyone else's blog recently either, but I can remember reading this before I started blogging and being desperate to do it! So here is my Harry Potter tag!
What is your favourite book?
The Order of the Pheonix. I'm not sure if it was the rebellion, the comedy of Harry and Ron discovering girls or because Fred and George were so heavily featured but I absolutely loved this book! I can remember so clearly reading it in the day it came out when I was 13 and just getting completely lost in the story.
What is your favourite movie?
I'm definitely part of the 'books over the movies' team, but I'd have to say the Goblet of Fire. There were just so many cinematic moments which were beautiful to watch, such as Hermione at the Youle Ball and the entire underwater part of the second task! It also didn't stray too far from the books, well compared to the Deathly Hallows films it didn't!
What is your least favourite book?
The second book kind of terrifies me! I first read it when I was 8 and the idea of Ginny's body being left to rot in an underground hidden dungeon was so scary. Having said this, the book is also the first appearance of Dobby and features Fred and George flying a car so silver linings!
Did any part make you cry?
Sirius, Fred and Dobby's deaths. Poor, innocent little Dobby.
What is your favourite Character?
This is such a hard question! Probably Ginny, although I love Fred, George, Sirius and Hermione too.
What would your patronus be?
Either a cat or a squirrel. Hopefully a squirrel!
If you could own a hallow what would you choose?
The invisibility cloak every time, think of the fun to be had!
What is your favourite quote?
Its got to be "Now if you don't mind, I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse expelled." I can remember saying it over and over at playtime in primary school.
Who's your favourite villain?
Bellatrix Lestange because she's so unique and crazy, and I also love Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of her.
Favourite Professor.
Snape, for all the sarcastic comments and blatant favouritism of Slytherin.
Would you rather travel by the Hogwarts Express or by a flying car?
Clearly the Hogwarts Express, that was like my dream when I was eleven is still my dream!
Would you rather ride a Hippogrith or a Firebolt? 
Hippogrith every time! How sweet did buckbeak seem?! Like apart from the whole attacking Malfoy thing. Also I'm not particularly sporty so would probably be just like Hermione when it came to playing quidditch!
Your top thing that wasn't in the movies and should have been
I could probably write an essay on this! That the entire showdown between Harry and Voldemort ending at the end of the deathly hallows was cut was gutting, as it was so brilliantly written in the books and I used to read it over and over. But at least there was " not my daughter you bitch!". I was also sad that Tonks and Lupin's love story didn't really feature in the books as well as the lack of Percy and his realisation that his family was most important.
Which class would be your favourite?
Either potions or charms.
Which spell do you thing would be most useful to learn?
Not strictly speaking just a spell but I'd love to be able to apparate, just think of all the extra time in bed!
Is there any aspect of the books you'd like to change?
Honestly, no! I think a good book should make you feel a range of emotions including sadness, so while Fred and Dobby's deaths were devastating I wouldn't change them.
Favourite Marauder?
Sirius, but only just over Lupin!

What do you think of my answers? If you fancy doing the tag go for it, and let me know in the comments section as I'd be so interested to read your answers!
As ever, thank for reading! Georgia xxx



  1. HARRY POTTER 😍😍😍😍 I've not seen this tag in so long! I have to say though, Ginny was probably my least favourite character- I just never took to her at all! (Luna, Dobby and Mc Gonagall all the way!)

    1. I loved Ginny in books 6 and 7, although not massively in the films! Dobby and Luna are amazing though :) Thanks for reading! xx

  2. You're making me want to reread all the books now! Ah I haven't read them in ages!! Loved this post :)

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. I love re-reading the books, thanks for reading :) xx

  3. Harry Potter will forever have a special place in my heart, loved this post so much! Which house would you be sorted in?! I am a Hufflepuff through and through! :D xxxxx

    1. I'm not sure! Probably Slytherin or Ravenclaw aha :) I read the best buzzfeed post on why Hufflepuffs are the best!! xx

  4. As a Harry Potter fan I loved this! Very good post :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  5. This is a great post! I'm a HUGEEEEE HP fan and totally agree that the end scene with Harry and Voldemort was heartbreaking to watch as it was so different from the film (and much worse IMO)
    -- // xo

    1. It was so different!! At least they had the Molly and Bellatrix fight though! Thanks for reading :) xx

  6. Omg I love this tag! I think I'm definitely going to do it some time over in my blog. The Chamber of Secrets is my fave book as well, but because I think it's the least exciting out of them all!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Would love to read your answers! Thanks for reading lovely :) xx

  7. I love HP, it has been so long that I read the books... I guess I need to reread, it is a great one

    1. I've re-read them way too many times! Thanks for reading :) xx

  8. These are great answers! My favorite characters are draco, luna and snape. I love the goblet of fire though. I think that luna is portrayed as a very sweet and innocent person in the films but no so much in the books.Something I would like to of seen changed.

    1. Thanks lovely, Snape and Draco are amazing! Slytherin at heart haha, I agree with you about Luna! :) xx

  9. I loved this! Now I might have to dust off the books and re read them again (or failing that, the film collection!)

    Emily xo

    1. Re reading (or watching!) is the best! Thanks for reading :) xx


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