Sunday, 17 April 2016

5 Cheap and Easy Photography Backgrounds

Although photography is so much fun, taking beautiful blog pictures can sometimes seem like an impossible challenge! For me, the background of a picture is sometimes just as important as what's in the picture and being on a student budget (AKA not actually having lovely marble sides or distressed wooden floors in my house) I usually resort to using some clever samples. These are my top 5 backgrounds with links to where they came from!
Whitewash Oak Flooring Sample - £2 (X). This is by far my favourite background! It's simple enough to not make a picture too busy, but equally is interesting enough to make a picture slightly more eye-catching. It works so well for photographing beauty products and is also crazy affordable.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Mini Lush Spring Haul

I know, there's probably been a hundred of these posts already, but I am apparently incapable of not rushing out and buying all of Lush's special seasonal products! I'm sorry, but look how adorable the carrots are. I somewhat impressively managed to only buy 3 products, but they all look incredible so read on to find out what I though of them!

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